Friday, 13 November 2009

Things I've Been Craving of Late

HP Sauce on my chips. I don't know why but I've been wanting it bad for like a couple of months now. It is even available here in Utah in the British shop in Sugarhouse. But its like $4 a bottle, in the words of the grumpy drunk priest in Father Ted - "Feck Off!"

A bottle of Irn Bru. Not just any bottle, the glass 750ml glass bottle, and not because I'm Scottish and you get 30 pence refund for returning the bottle. But for some reason it just tastes better from those bottles. Especially when its been chilled in the fridge. Again I can get Irn Bru here in the Scottish shop in downtown, but again its expensive and its only available in the smaller plastic bottles but its just not the same.

My Mother's Cheese Pie. I wish I could remember how it was made. All I remember is the rolling the pastry base on to the bottom of the casserole dish, sticking it the oven for a bit and bringing it out later to see this 3/4 inch of soft tasty cheesy goodness that I could eat all by myself. Strange thing is I'm one of these people who doesn't like to have cheese on everything (how did I end up in the States? - must have been love.) and yet I love this pie my mother made. I've tried looking for recipes online to see if I can see anything like it, but nadda, no luck, maybe it was an old family recipe or something. Thing I don't understand is you can find just about anything on the internet, things you don't even want like a recipe for a nuclear bomb but nothing like the cheese pie my mother made. Why didn't I pay more attention in the kitchen? Maybe some day I'll have to write a Dear mum letter that my she who must be obeyed likes to nag about.

Ceviche. Every so often I've been having been wanting to go back to the local the Peruvian restaurant and tuck into this fish and seafood dish but lately we've been too skint to eat out so sadly no lime soaked octupus, shrimp, fish combo are on the menu.

Indian Curry. This is a big one, I've been craving some Chicken bhuna with fried rice and nan bread, and spiced mushrooms as a starter (yeah I am a greedy pig) for months. Sadly though there just isn't that many Indian restaurants around in Salt Lake City and those that are here seem to be way on the other side. Some day though me and my better half will have to check them out, if however they don't prove to be as good as those back in Glasgow it might just be another excuse for a date when we finally are able to go travelling.


Natural Blues said...

Sounds a bit daft, but by any chance did the cheese pie have rice in it?
If so my good old nan knows how to make it and I can get the recipe. If not - then i'm sorry - good luck on the pie recipe hunt.

Scotsman said...

No rice unfortunately. The ingredients were simple, but for the life of me I can't remember what it all was or how it was made.

just a girl said...

My Boy loves the HP as well but it is much easier to find here; some restaurants even have it available.

We have a fab Indian a block away and Irn Bru in the local supermarket...

Canada rocks! :D

Scotsman said...

I can only dream of having Irn Bru available at Smiths.

Helen McGinn said...

I am making chicken bhuna for my friends on Friday night. With peshwari naan. I'll package you some up and post it. And you just know that the next day, we'll go to the corner shop for mortons rolls and irn bru....maybe some square slice and of course, brown sauce.

How evil am I?

To make up for it, I could send you the bhuna recipe and you could make it! The naan bread is actually a bit of a dawdle to make too. I also have....wait for it...a really old cheese pie recipe that my gran used to make. I'll look it out and you can try never know!

Scotsman said...

The bhuna recipe I would definitely try, although being me I will probably screw it up, a good roast is about the limits of my abilities.

I think I will be writing to my mother for the cheese pie recipe though.

Thanks for visiting.