Thursday, 29 January 2009

Chillin' Oot!

Just for a moment I feel the need to step back form being the frayed rope in a 3 day tug of war that is between British Midland Airways, my credit card company and the ineptitude of Indian Call Centres and look on the bright side for a bit.

I at least have internet again, albeit for 4 weeks, which means its time to download some music.

Maybe I'll start with some Octavio Mesa.

Listening to El Jornalero : Tego Calderon feat. Juanes y Octavio Mesa

I've had this song probably 16 months but not played it in about 15 - after rediscovering it today I am in danger of wearing it out by the end of the day. Good track, even if it does seem a bit unfair that when I got my Scotsman genes somebody up there forgot to give me my r rrrrrrollling ability that this Columbian apparently got in spades.