Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Feeling A Little Melancholic

The day I fell in love I wanted to give the world, the moon, the sun, the sky, the sea. Give the gift of flight. I didn't need to be a hero to no one, but I did want to protect my love from dawn to dusk. Then when it all turned sour I realised I needed all that as much for me as for my love. Without the one I love being my focus I grew weak, lost my strength and became directionless. With love I was powerful, exceptional, without - ordinary, and weak, rudderless  - all my apparent strengths swept away in one wave. Missing half of my being, my strength, my shelter, my compass, hours pass and tick away and I am not whole. All I thought I wanted to give away, I wasn't giving any more than my love had already given me just by being the map that showed me the way. Love it makes us strong, it makes us weak, it makes us selfless, it makes us needy, complete and so damn complicated.

Listening to: Franklin - Lullaby