Saturday, 5 September 2015

Well thats another Summer in London gone! An initial five week temporary assignment at work turned into 3 - 4 months and just like that summer came and went and I'm like hey its September how come I never saw any of the Summer. Dates in the calender in June, July and August got lost in 15 hour days, crappy take away food and not enough sleep and before I knew it September slapped me in the face and all because someone who was supposedly having a life saving medical operation was talking complete bogus!

Do I not like selfish people at the moment!

Seriously need a holiday after all this. Mars looks good, maybe a one way trip would be best.

Actually I like this picture, it reminds me that I don't hate people. I do like to seeing people have fun. I need some fun in my life. 

Soapy bubbles anyone?

Listening to: Pedro Aznar - A Primera Vista