Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Sport - Where Miracles Do Happen

After 21 years of me taking an interest in the game of rugby, Scotland were finally able to beat the bloody Wallabies this weekend.

The only problem with that was I wasn't in Scotland at the time and have only youtube to thank for what little I saw of the match so I'm not going to have that (insert old man voice here) "I remember the day when..." moment. That's fair dinkum mate! ( I probably used that term wrongly, but bugger it)

Anyway it seems that it might even been a well deserved victory. The Scots might not have been able to put too much in the way of attack during the game but what little opportunities came their way they maximised and the defence was resolute and impressive. Everyone wearing a blue jersey played with pride and a collective spirit of they-shall-not-pass attitude for the full 80s minutes. Not something that can be said that often lately.

Even though the Aussie players aren't exactly known for their great sportsmanship when they have lost there was nothing but praise from the Wallibie players for the Scots.

So thats 2 wins out of 2 games in the Autumn Internationals for Scotland. After Fuji and Australia can Scotland add Argentina to the list of scalps? It would be nice to think that Scotland can use this result to push themselves forward, but for some reason I'm not that confident. Usually when Scotland do the impossible they then to procede to mess up during the game with a supposedly easier opposition.

During the same weekend, LA Galaxy with Beckham, Donovan et all lost in the final for the MSL cup to Real Salt Lake, a team without the star names and up until a few weeks ago looked like it couldn't even qualify for the play offs, that was until the final game when results went their way.

Maybe the Scottish rugby team could learn something from Real's late run in recent weeks in their pursuit for glory at the Rugby World Cup in 2011.


Some Chilean Woman said...

Damn, and I was really looking forward to an awesome mommy post. Impostor!

Scotsman said...

Sorry to disappoint but its about time I wore some trousers round here, or at the very least a pair of short shorts.