Monday, 30 November 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

I discovered during this Thanksgiving weekend that you really should not be so engrossed in a conversation with your wife that you happen to not pay attention to what your 3 year old stepson is saying and/or doing. By making that mistake I did not see a frustrated small swinging fist aiming straight for the testicle region.

Until that moment I had completely forgotten how much such a contact could hurt.

I don't even know how I could forget.

I went to a primary school where the playground sport involved 20 - 30 individuals picking up some unsuspecting victim and carrying him to one of the pillars of the outbuildings, that was supposed to shelter us from the rain, but instead doubled up as a ball breaking instrument of torture when the legs of the victim were spread and then rammed as fast as it was possible for 20 - 30 7 year olds to run together crushing his nether regions on the pillar.

We all deserved this treatment because we all did it to one another. Our reasoning back then was 'well if I don't join in, it will be me next.'

Ultimately, the day would come when it would be our day. That brief moment when we weren't paying attention to the playround happenings would result in pay back.

And it hurt. I remember the pain of that initial contact with the pillar as if it was yesterday.

But somehow I forgot about the pain that comes after. The pain that lingers for a couple of days.

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