Monday, 23 November 2009

Dungeons & Dragons & Virgin Mary's

Ava Maria, as seen in Downtown, Salt Lake City.

When my wife said "Don't you think I look a little like her?", I would have loved to have said "Yes, of course you do dear." But for some reason I was struggling with the concept of seeing my wife as the virgin mary.

My beautiful wife, can occasionally have a beautiful ego to match however I can't help thinking that she doesn't quite look at me in the same manner. On the same day as seeing the Ava Maria she probably looked at this and thought 'Ah, my Scotsman!'

And sadly not just for my morning breath.


Some Chilean Woman said...

That's not the Virgin Mary, it's just me in a Snuggie!

Jimmy Bastard said...

I know one or two Mary's round about Glesga... but I cannae swear to any of them being virgins.

Scotsman said...

SCW: I thought you were going to wait until Christmas for that snuggie!

Jimmy: From Gallowgate to Gallowlee I doubt many a man could.

al said...

If your wife looks like this, you are a lucky man.