Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Passing one of the many churches in Salt Lake City on the way home last night I noticed that there is going to be a special Thanksgiving service tomorrow. While I can understand the desire of the church to get into the spirit of the day by having a a service that promotes the thankfulness for the generosity of all mankind I have been somewhat surprised that there seems to be a distinct lack of any sort of community based event that thanks the Native American population directly.

While I have been humbled by the thought of strangers inviting us over for Thanksgiving dinner, because they thought that my wife and I might not have anyone to celebrate it with this year, it has also surprised me the number of other people who have asked if I celebrate Thanksgiving back home. We don't. Perhaps the closest thing we have to it is around harvest time when the primary schools and churches organise a collection of food for the elderly. I'm not even sure if the schools still do that now, but I do remember collecting spare tins of food from the cupboard and vegetables from the garden between the ages of 5 and 11 and then distributing it around the community. It was fun but nothing like Thanksgiving here.

I find it all the more surprising that there is isn't some sort of public show of gratitude towards the Native Americans here in Utah probably because one thing I have noticed since moving here is how much Utah does to celebrate other cultures. Throughout the year there seems to be event celebrating cultures from all around the world. I would have thought Thanksgiving would have been the perfect time to have a very public celebration of the Native American population and the early pilgrims to this country.

But alas, as of yet I see no sign of such a celebration.

Still i'm looking forward to Thanksgiving at the sister-in-laws house.



Sometimes I forget just how much my life has changed in one year.


PurestGreen said...

I actually missed Thanksgiving this year. I'm Canadian and usually I try to do something for myself and my manboy (he's younger than me:)) but I just didn't get around to it. Next year I'm going to make a meal. Obviously no one celebrates here so it's easy to miss. Roll on, Burns night!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Scotsman said...

Ah Burn's night, I don't think I will be celebrating that in the traditional sense this year. I stupidly tried to get my wife to join me in Haggis eating at the Scottish festival in Utah earlier in the year, not realising that haggis over here was not authentic and was nothing more than a cheap sausage with gravy dripped over it.