Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sweet Perfection

Now I don't want you thinking that having a hot wife is all bad. When you have a hot wife, it does have its upsides. For example - unlike in my childhood, I no longer have to add a hot water bottle at the foot of the bed on cold winter nights.

That comes in handy if you don't drink tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and therefore as a result have no kettle in which to heat a hot water bottle.

When your hot wife even comes with a sensor and an adjustable thermostat that automatically recognises when you leave the bed for a toilet break and makes the bed nice and toasty for your return its sweet perfection in the human form.


Helen McGinn said...

Hi from Glasgow; love your header, I remember when that was installed. My kids count the heads and then sort them into categories of emotions...yeah, we're sad. ;O)

What do you mean you don't drink tea.....?


Scotsman said...

Thank you, at the time I don't know why I took the picture but I found an appropriate use for it.

I have only experienced one person who could make a good cup of tea, and she hasn't baby sat me since I was 6 so tea is no longer part of routine.