Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I Wouldn't Be British If I Didn't Complain About The Weather

If you believe the car number plates in these parts you might think that Utah has 'the greatest snow on earth.' How they came to this conclusion I have no idea but I have to say I was looking forward to putting it to some sort of scientific test, Scotsman style.

So when it started to snow on Sunday night and the following morning I looked out and saw this

and this

and lots of this

I thought my time had come to put the Utah snow to the test.

Now I'm naturally a lazy person so if I can do 2 things at one time allowing me more movie watching, book reading and eating time later I am all for it. Why then stop at the science of snow when I could also teach the locals some proper ESL lessons? Trust me some of the locals here need some ESL lessons, some of them need some listening skills - funny enough not so much those who actually have English as their second language but some of the people who are supposed to have English as their main language have great difficulty understanding it when it is spoken by someone from the island where the language originated.

So I thought I could see if 'the greatest snow on earth' made for some great snowballs and if it did I also thought the situation might be ripe for teaching some of the gringos how to listen to what I am saying. Those who don't listen or didn't make any attempt to listen would get a snowball in the face.

Hey what can I say, I'm just a boy at heart!

Only, it didn't happen. Just a few hours after I took those pictures this was the scene. The snow couldn't even hang around long enough to put my 'greatest snow on earth'/ESL experiment into action.
Bah Humbug!


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Awesome Shots

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