Thursday, 3 December 2009

There have been a few movies that I have seen this year that have left me questioning 'why?'

Let's take the latest one first - New Moon. It wasn't my choice to watch this one but we did sit down to watch it with my step daughter last week. I have to give the author of the books some credit, when I was watching the old hammer horror movies I didn't see the concept of the tortured vampire that couldn't bite necks through personal choice coming. It's an original concept in that regard. Beyond that a little silly but then I'm not a teenage girl so it wasn't exactly aimed at me.

I did think the second film might be a little better than Twilight, mostly because I thought by now the guy who plays Edward should be able to deliver his lines. I was wrong. Somehow it got worse. When it was finished I was left wondering why, when the books made so much money, didn't they get a decent actor to play the Edward character? Why didn't they spend a little more money so that Edward and his vampire family didn't all suffer from a bad make up job? Why is it that teenage girls go crazy over Edward and will watch the film 3 times over a weekend when he is so boring and when Jakob is not only a nicer character but the guy who plays him is more believable. Apparently I understand teenage girls now as much as I did when I was a boy.

Earlier in the year I was looking forward to seeing the remake of The Taking Of Pelham 123. Somehow we didn't get to see it at the cinema, we were probably skint at the time, but when it became available on dvd at Hollywood I eagerly snatched it. As an action movie its not bad. But I was left wondering why the John Travolta character hijacked the train. Either I'm a little bit stupid or it was never explained very well. We were led to believe that he was some sort of Wall Street expert. Every so often he would look on his laptop at the price of gold. From the start to the end of the hijacking the price of gold rocketed by 1200%. Meaning that the ransom money was worth a whole lot more. Nice! Only I was a little confused at how the markets could panic that much in one day due to a hijacked train when 9/11 didn't cause that much craziness. And wait in order to make that much money from the value of gold going up didn't he have to have the money to begin with. It was actually a decent film up until that point, then it started to make me feel stupid.

For some reason I wanted to watch Angels & Demons. In my opinion the Da Vinci Code was a little long, I had to watch it over two nights as my eyes kept shutting with their being so many twists and turns, but despite that I still wanted to know what happened in the sequel. Someone obviously agreed with my assessment of the first because the second movie was a lot shorter. This time though it felt a little rushed.

If you haven't seen the movie, and want to, you might not want to read on as I might give away too much of the plot for your liking.

It felt like that the Director was so conscious that the first movie was too long that he forgot to include a few important details in order to keep this one short. In this film Robert Langdon, the apparent reluctant hero, has 4 men to save, each one is hidden across the city and one man will die on the hour every hour unless he can work out the clues as to where they are hidden. He's just a little bit slow to save the first guy, but its understandable though he's after all in a new city still getting his barings. That though left him roughly 50 plus minutes or so to save the next guy. He then proceeded to spend what seemed like 5 - 10 minutes talking, working out the clues, before realising he has to be somewhere else, across the city and he has only 15 minutes to get there, and he uses 17. And so it when on, and on. By the time it had played out I was left wondering what was the point in having Robert Langdon there if ultimately he was going to be clever enough to work out the clues but do so too late. And what happened to the rest of each hour, the time between him thinking and him realising he had to rush off to another part of the city.

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Some Chilean Woman said...

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Jimmy Bastard said...

Take it from me... the original Taking of Pelham 123 is the best.