Saturday, 12 December 2009

Just Wait 5 Minutes ... For My Sanity Please

When you go to the cinema or watch tv is your enjoyment ever spoiled by the sound of someone asking questions of what is happening or "Why are the doing that" or something similar? If your answer is yes, then you should be thankful that you aren't me because I have 2 women in my life that do that to just about everything we watch.

Here they are as I photographed them on the day I got married. At the time I wondered what they were discussing. I now believe that they were talking about how easy it would be to aggravate me until death does us part if they just combined their natural talent for interrupting my otherwise peaceful and probably enjoyable viewing habits. Their both experts at it too.

The little lady you see in the picture, is smart and can remember things from when she was 2. She has also probably watched every episode of Spongebob close to 47 times and yet she will still ask me questions throughout the show. Questions I do not know the answer to. At the risk of sounding like a badly written Dr Seuss inspired book that never got published, I cannot watch, I will not watch Spongebob, not on the couch, not on the floor, not on the computer chair, not anywhere.

Not because I'm trying to be mean. I have tried to watch it with her. But I can't, the constant questions spoil it. Its not like she doesn't know the answer. She's watched it before. I'm watching it for the first time, if anyone should be asking questions it should be me. I wish it was just Spongebob, but its just about everything she watches.

At first when I noticed this behaviour, I shrugged it off as she was young. She's at that age when she has a lot of questions. Wrong. She's really just like her mother. We can go to the cinema together and watch a film that neither of us have seen, and she will ask the same sort of questions when if she could just have the paitence to wait and watch for a few minutes she would have the answer without needing to ask the question. But wheres the fun in that?


PurestGreen said...

I talk during films. I got this from my parents who always talk during films. During action movies my father likes to critique an actor's survival skills. And he's always complaining about women trying to run in high heels. Since they can never remember the actors' names, they always exclaim "oh, it's him/her" when they see someone they recognize. I don't ask questions but I exclaim a lot. I can't get myself to stop. My boyfriend is completely quiet for the whole film and I never understand how he does it.

Funny post. I feel your pain.I wish I could say we outgrow it, but we don't.

Jimmy Bastard said...

I detect the Scot in you, even though you write with not a bit of an accent on your lips.

Deep of meaning, although still frothy and light. Scottish, and definitive all at the same time.

Some Chilean Woman said...

What do you mean I ask too many questions during a movie?

Jimmy -He should really be Chilean by now, but that plan has failed miserably, he's all Scottish.

Scotsman said...

Purest Green - Must be an American continent thing. I would put it to the test but on this occasion I don't think I want to.

Jimmy Bastard - I'll take that as a compliment.

SCW - Its like you are reliving kindergarten sometimes. :)

And a dinnae ken whit ye mean by that hen.