Wednesday, 23 December 2009

And now the craving is....

Last week my lovely and I finally had the time and the inclination to go to the other side of town and have ourselves some Indian cuisine Salt Lake City style. It was so good now she has the cravings for more. It's just a pity we do have to go to the other side of the city to satisfy those cravings and we can't just get some to take away just down the road.

However I could overlook such things and be satisfied for a moment or two with a couple of these

Dammit why don't they sell here? I know how to make my own honeycomb but its just not the same without that thin layer of cadbury's chocolate coating.

Ok, here endeth the advertising, unless of course Cadbury takes pity on my plight of poor American substitute chocolate and candy and decides to send me a lifetime supply where of course I would recommense with blatent and shamelesss advertising with every post, especially if 250g bars of Dairy Milk were included in the package, ooh and cream eggs too, ok thats just getting greedy. Back to serious programming later.


Gillian said...

Love Crunchie!!!

Ms Smack said...

Oh I'd give you my Crunchies. I dont like them at all. They go in the bin here, when they're a part of a mixed bunch!

For shame!

Scotsman said...

How can anyone not love crunchie? Oh well all the more for me then!