Thursday, 31 December 2009

So What's On Your List

Now thats its Hogmanay 2009, it's just dawned on me that 10 years have went passed since we celebrated the Millennium. Where did all that time go? No matter how many times someone explains the physics of it all I won't understand why time speeds up the closer you get to your own destruction. I just know I don't want to waste my time overthinking it or starting a new decade making new years resolutions that I can't possibly keep.

Why bother starting a year with a diet that I hate just to keep the doctors happy when at some point I'm going to belly up anyway? I'd rather start this year positively and for that reason I told the woman of my life to come up with a list of must buy items for the year, and then instead of spending a fortnight trying not to do something and ultimately failing we have the whole year trying to make something special (to us) happen.

 Some of what's on my list include

A trip to San Francisco.

A new low light lens for my camera.

Regular trips to Bombay House.

A new camera for her.

At least 3 music gigs.

Take in some Jazz games.

So tell me, what's on your list.

Have a good 2010!


Gillian said...

Botox and a December Camping Road Trip

PurestGreen said...

I'm already jealous about the San Franciso trip. I've put a few plays on my own list as well, and would like to see a gig or two.

Helen McGinn said...

Happy New Year to you! San Fransisco is on my list too but not until 2012!

Helen x