Thursday, 3 December 2009

Don't Mention Food!

The problem with being me, well one of the many problems, is that I get hungry easily.

Sometimes all it takes is for someone to mention a particular type of food, like the selfish bachdang (that's one of our latest pretend swear words for those that are not in the know) that had to mention Indian food in a text today. One little text and my craving for an Indian meal, that I had only recently managed to subdue, rears its ugly head again. Sheep! (That's another.)

But it doesn't stop there, all morning, for a reason I know not, I suddenly have this desire to pig out on some Scottish Tablet. This craving snuck up on when I wasn't paying attention. I haven't had any Tablet since about February when I left Scotland, and haven't thought about it much either but I'm sure making up for it today. It entered my subconscious mind sometime in the early morning and ever since  subliminal messages have been rolling around my head suggesting to my brain that a sudden huge intake of sugary goodness is necessary. And I swear I'm not pregnant, at least I hope not because my gentials are the wrong shape to continue onward and that would be a whole new worry.

I really wish I had some handy skills in the kitchen to allow me to go and make myself a batch but sadly I lack in that area. I can just about manage to make my wife's version of chilli, which is amazingly simple to make, very tasty and is taking far too long to simmer.


Just a Girl said...

I was just given some tablet on the weekend and I am savouring it! MMM!

Some Chilean Woman said...

Isn't that recipe in your cook book? Get to work! But just make 1/2 'cause it's too sweet for me...then again, you're a chancho, you can handle it by yourself.

Jimmy Bastard said...

I have tablet in front of me... is it a wee smidgen I can break off for yourself?

Scotsman said...

just a girl: Aye, thanks for sharing.

SCW: You know better than that I let you cook the sweet stuff.

Bastard: Your name might be Jimmy, my name is greedy, I'll have the whole lot thank you very much.

PurestGreen said...

I was just at Jenners and there are heaps of tablet for the holiday rush. I am happy to send some in the post if you would like. It's light and doesn't cost much. I know what it is like to have withdrawl. My aunt has sent me packets of corination hot chocolate and tim horton's coffee from Canada.

Golly. I probably shouldn't mention bacon rolls or those really thick oat cakes that go so well with cheese. Or tunock's tea cakes.

But hey, at least the smarties taste good there, and the chocolate milk is so much better than here and also in American they know how to make proper nachos.


Scotsman said...

PurestGreen: Just for mentioning Tunnocks Tea Cakes I was tempted to take you up on that offer. But you're lucky my sister in law makes some real good oat choc chip cookies.