Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Comments & Riddles

Greed is supposedly a bad thing. As is having an ego that likes to be massaged, but in the blogging world very few of us don't have an ego of some discription. Most of us bloggers like to think that our writing is being read by someone other than ourselves. We may begin blogging as a means to pass the time or to get things off our chest but as soon as we get a comment or a new follower we feel a tiny bit excitement.

I confess I am not immune to such behaviour and am now a comment whore myself. I like to see new comments in the box. Sadly though I am really out of practice in this blogging malarkey and after a month of trying to get my mojo back I have decided to try in the absense of coming up with anything original have decided to introduce a game.

The game will be played at the end of one post of every day that I decide to blog, and will be recognised by the text being written in red. It will be a riddle game with up to 5 clues, one clue per day, everyone can compete, just leave your answer to the riddle in the comment box. If you guess it in the first clue you get 5 points, if you guess it after 5 clues your get 1 point. There will be a leaderboard of those taking part at the side of the blog. And yes the wife can of course play, but she does not get extra points for doing so. Oh and so that no-one cheats all comments will now face a period of moderation to allow people to take part without seeing someone else answer.

What Am I?

Game 1

Clue 1 - Success tastes sweet when I land in the hole


just a girl said...

Could be a golf ball or...something naughtier because of who you are :P

Some Chilean Woman said...

That's not one of the Del Taco card game questions!

Scotsman said...

Just a Girl - Correct.

SCW - Correct, this time, the other one isn't though.