Sunday, 2 September 2007

I Shoulda Been A Surveyer ( I Mean Survey Taker)

Once upon a time (a long time ago now) I was in a Town Planning & General Practice Surveying college course. I may as well have not bothered because on completion of the course I didn't bother going into either field of work. Although I found planning interesting, jobs were few and far between compared to the numbers who were being trained at the time, and surveying I just found boring so off I went into a entirely different career.
But looking at the papers this week, and every week for that matter, I can't help but think that an opportunity might have been missed. There is, judging by the number of column inches by the British press, a lot of work for survey takers. (Let's gloss over for one minute the fact that I studied as a surveyor in the building field as having no relevance whatsoever to the point I am making in this post.) It seems to me that with every new day that passes there are details to be found in our wonderful British newspapers of a new survey that reveals interesting or not so interesting titbits of modern life. This week's big survey that was in all the papers and even some news programs on TV was the Handbag Survey. Apparently, if the results are to be believed, women go through 111 in a lifetime. I have to admit to being a little sceptical of the results of this survey and others, seeing as I have never been surveyed at anytime or anywhere or know anyone who has, for this survey or any other. I also know that my own mother replaces her handbags every 3 months but would probably find each one would last 3 years if only she didn't stick half the contents of the house in her handbag every time she was getting ready to step out the front door. But I digress from one of my meaningless points, which is, who are these survey takers, and who are they surveying if they aren't surveying me, or anyone that I know. It seems to me suspiciously like they must either be surveying each other or more likely just making the results up and presumedle getting paid for it too. And for what? The vast majority of these surveys seem to have no real purpose.
I excel at going through life without real purpose and feel that I can easily do that kind of work. What is the next pointless survey going to be? The number of bras a woman owns? I could make a start on that right now. I know someone who claims to own over 800. I haven't seen each and every one of those bras worn (it's not that sort of blog) but still nonetheless, having seen the walk-in wardrobe that is bigger than my house and each item of clothing within colour coordinated, that and the fact that she has a great cleavage (ok maybe it is that sort of blog after all) lead me to believe that she could be telling the truth. All I need is a few more participants and I could find myself in a new line of work. Now who do I need to see about getting paid for this work?


Just a Girl said...

Don't you know they only survey in England? Where the people matter?

(I am so getting in trouble for that aren't I?!?)

800!!!!! Whoa. Doesn't she only have 2 boobs?

Scotsman said...

Girl: And to think I thought it was shite being Scottish. :)

Some time has passed since such information came to light, it may well be closer to 900 now. And yes she only has the 2, rather fine specimens of their kind but still nonetheless I would have thought one bra for every day of the week would be fine but I'm a guy what would I know. Great boobs or not I'm just glad I'm not her husband I don't think I could afford her.

Misssy M said...

An attempt to survey you probably has been made. They are called pop ups and most people click them off before they've even time to register what the pop up is about.

But someone must fill them out, I suppose. But the problem is that the people who actually bother to fill surveys in are not normal. So all survey results are non-indicative of normal behaviour or habits. Therefore all survey results are rubbish.

I, for the record, have between 10 and 15 bras. Handbags- well, you just don't want to know.