Friday, 31 August 2007

Random Ranting

I don't know what I dislike more - my stubborn, pig-headed, perfectionist, I-can-do-it,-I-know-I-can-and-I'm-not-stopping-until-I-do! nature or computers (eh, any machines for that matter) that don't work. It's probably a close call.
The trouble with me, (well one of many but for now we'll ignore the rest), is I don't know when I'm beat. Now that attitude works well on the rugby field but not so good when broken electrical equipment need fixing. It can be a right pain in the backside to be sure.
Strangely when someone asks me if I an help them fix their computer I can usually do so without much trouble but when mine decides to act up it has to do so good and proper to such an extent that it had me pulling out my hair out for 3 days. As I suspected the power supply unit blew and needed replacing. I correctly diagnosed this within 30 minutes, but it took me the rest of the 3 days to work out that it also took the processor and motherboard with it.
It didn't help that it was the weekend and I had to figure out what parts might be broken and then find a shop open that sold the parts needed at a price I could afford. Easier said than done when this was the month I had to shell out for a new tax disc for the first time since Gordon Brown decided to help the environment (yeah right) by doubling the cost of registering a vehicle.
Anyway at least I have my computer working now. Well kind of. Now I'm left with a computer without sound because the speakers connected to a socket on the old power supply unit, and the of course the new unit doesn't have this socket. Why oh why can't anything technology be easy? Now I need to figure out if I just need new speakers or a new sound card, or (worse) both.

On a separate issue entirely - who shrunk Mars ice Cream?
I admit its been a few years since I've had any but when I saw them for sale at half price in Morrison's I suddenly felt the need to satisfy my tastebud's urge for soft ice cream and caramel. What I didn't realise was that somewhere along the way somebody decided to shrink them by approximately half since the last time I had the pleasure. Tasted just as good as ever but somehow it didn't feel as much of a bargain as I thought it was.


Misssy M said...

Oh I went through a horrible mother board frying in January. We lost all photos, documents and music. £500 later we got half the photos and some documents back. We couldn't afford to pay the guy to retrieve the rest. Gutting.

(thought it was quiet over here..)

Just a Girl said...

So that's what happened to you. Good to know you didn't fall off a cliff or the like.

I think it's age and the ice cream stayed the same.

Scotsman said...

Misssy: £500? Whoa I should have been a computer geek.

Girl: I ain't that old and forgetful yet, if I were my bones would be shrinking and the Mars Ice Cream would look bigger. They shrunk.

Just a Girl said...

Heh :)