Sunday, 5 August 2007

For The Competitive Amongst You

The Sunday Herald is looking to find Scotland's best blogger, if you want to take part all you need do is is a write a blog titled 'My Modern Scotland' and submit it at There's even a prize of a writing masterclass up for grab's although when you consider the like's of William McIlvanney and Alexander McCall Smith have already taken part, the winner might not need it.

I like the idea, but would be a little overawed in such company so I doubt I'll submit anything however its an interesting topic that could have some interesting interpretations so I wouldn't mind seeing how a few of the bloggers I already read handle the challenge. If I get any inspiration of my own in the upcoming weeks I may well post my own version here.


Cat said...

I submitted the post I wrote today. I'll be interested to see if it makes it onto their site, as I suspect it's not quite the spirit of Scotland they're after! Incidentally, I used to work with Alan Spence. I'm not sure I'd like to win that prize.

Scotsman said...

I would hope that in the spirit of open ended interpretation of the theme that it will end up published on the site. As for Alan Spence I've never read any of his work or met him so I wouldn't now if its a prize worth winning but perhaps you ca ask for a bottle of whisky instead, you could always then give it away at Christmas if you don't drink the stuff.