Friday, 3 August 2007

Its Not A Good Thing When Your Own Words Can Be Used Against You

Sometimes I like to pretend that in my finer moments residing on this planet of ours that I am an intelligent human being. However events of my own making usually quickly unfold to break that spell of delusion. This afternoon is a case in point.

Whilst working at home my cousin came round to raid the fridge, as he tends to do, and also to distract me somewhat from my work (also something he likes to do), granted today my mind wasn't on the job and I was quite able to find suitable distractions before he arrived. However eventually I had to get some work done and so I left the house for a couple of hours leaving the cousin inside to raid the fridge some more. This a day after spending £45 on food isn't exactly a genius idea but at least food can be replaced. Leaving the pc on with the homepage set on this blog and coming home to find cousin reading the November archives is an act of stupidity that cannot be undone or so easily put right.

Now a part of me would like to think that he was reading for its articulately written with not a word wasted or just because its a mighty fine read but lets face facts here I write about nonsense and with my lazy eh-can't-be-bothered-checking-for-typos-missed-0ut-words-or-accidentally-deleted-half-paragraphs attitude I don't do a very good job of it either. So even though I gave him my best poker faced expression when he turned his head away from the screen, I know the sneaky devious little bastard knew it was my blog.

Now, due to my own stupidity, I'm having to wonder if there is any material on here that would be grounds for blackmail. I have to admit to not thinking too hard about this (mainly because I don't want to know any different) but as far as I can remember I've never mentioned names nor sexual conquests, or lack off, so I should be safe. Yet doubts persist about the grounds of that belief.

Just in case I have some forgotten incriminating wordage on here I have to start using my noggin in developing ways of possible payback. That's right cousin if you are watching, to steal a line from the men with the moustaches, I have your number!


Just a Girl said...


Well there was one dream post in regards to sex.

I know how to change the address of the blog since I got found out and freaked.

Scotsman said...

Ooh bugger I forgot about that one.

The name changing thing might be handy to know. I never did like the name from day one but after 7 attempts to call it something else I gave up and used any old thing that came into my head.

Scotsman said...

Is that how Angsty was born?

Cat said...

I had a horrible falling out with RH last summer when I confessed about my blog, but specifically didn't give him the URL. The sly bastard sat up til 3am hunting it down, then sent me a smug text message to tell me. I was hurt and furious, and we didn't speak for weeks. I think he was probably less than thrilled about some of the things he read about himself too.

Scotsman said...

That might well be one of the reasons I mostly stick to light hearted observational posts, whether its always recognised as such I don't know.