Wednesday, 15 August 2007

When Writers Block Makes Your Blog Die A Slow Death Resort To T-Shirt Humour

You can blame Just A Girl for this post and me having nothing better to do at 7:48 in the morning.

You don't understand! I coulda had class. I coulda been a Scotsman.

I like that one for the streets of Edinburgh during the month of August. I might even sell them myself next year, and if I can get everyone in the Royal Mile to buy and wear one I might be convinced that the profits should go to charity. Of course I'm more likely to get a 100 punches in the nose before that happens but life, risks and all that.

I have a head for business and a Scotsman for sin.

Now if only I could convince my neighbour with the chocolate eyes to wear that one.


Misssy M said...

Writer's block? Hardly! You're the most prolific over at Celebrity Litigation.

Yes folks, that's Celebrity Litigation. The blog that's going to make Heat Magazine look like People's Friend!

That name again is, Celebrity Litigation.

Whoring over.

Just a Girl said...


The second one is class ;)

Scotsman said...

That's a first, 2 comments at the exact same time.

Misssy you have no shame :)

The reason I have been over at Celebrity Litigation (I got it in too) so much is down to the fact I ain't got nothing to say for myself here and lately I've even lost my multiple personality disorder mojo. It's desperate times indeed.

That's not entirely a bad thing though Celebrity Litigation (again) does need a number of writers (ahem - hint) anyway.

Jag: I agree, but then I would.

Just a Girl said...

I'm thick. What are you hinting at? :P

And, who wouldn't want a Scotsman for sin!


Scotsman said...

Ok for the numpties that require me to spell it out I will happily oblige.

Get yourself over to Celebrity Litigation (see link in Some Suggestions) and partake in the fun.

Ok I'm going to shut the hell up now.