Wednesday, 12 September 2007

I'm Starting To Believe In The Impossible

As a Scotland fan that is never a good thing!

Less than 18 months ago. Italy won the World Cup. They beat France in the final. They also beat the Ukraine in the quarter finals. Scotland didn't even qualify. Scotland hadn't participated in any major tournament in 8 years. As luck would have it all four teams were drawn together for the Euro 2010 qualifiers. It seemed at the time that the Scottish players may as well advance book holidays to separate destinations. That was until Scotland beat France in Glasgow, albeit with desperate defending and a somewhat fortunate goal. The Tartan Army started to dream the dream. Then Scotland to the Ukraine and Italy away from home. Scotland were still up there though in a four way battle for two positions. But for how much longer the French had revenge on their minds. Surely Scotland couldn't win in Paris?

They just bloody well have. What the hell is going on? That's twice we've beat the French.

We now sit top of the group. two points ahead of France and one point ahead of Italy who have just beat the Ukraine. So the Ukraine look unlikely to qualify and therefore can probably only act as spoilers for France and Scotland who they have to play. As is typical of Scotland they still have to do it the hard way. They may sit top of the table with 3 games remaining but they have still to play the Ukraine and Italy. Whilst France only have one hard game to play, with that being the Ukraine. Italy have only tricky game that being Scotland's final game of the qualifers which both countries will probably need to win.

I think I preferred it when Scotland had no chance. This hope thing is not good. Its possible Scotland could get 6 points out of 9 and it will all be for nothing if they can't beat Italy and France go on to beat the Ukraine. And yet that hope is still there and its saying 'You Know You Want To Believe - Go On, What Harm Can It Do?'


Misssy M said...

Who was it that said you can tell the Scots fans as they are the ones with the calculators out? Working out the possible ways of qualifying.

Meeester and I watched the highlights. You're right, it's scary to dream, but a hell of lot more exciting than being beaten at every turn. It's about bloody time we got back in the World Cup. It's not the same without us.

phoenix said...

Today I have hope! And a sore throat from shouting at the tv and a sore head from too much wine,but I don't care,I love hope,only bloody thing that keeps me going sometimes.Who knows eh,maybe,just maybe, it's our turn.Now if only we can win the rugby too and I'll be quids in hoping that my 250-1 bet comes off :-)