Tuesday, 11 September 2007


When I moved into this house I couldn't help but notice the wasps that congregated in neat little lines outside the bedroom window. After careful inspection I found that the cause of the gathering of wasps was due to the fact that underneath one of the slate tiles, directly below the window, was a nest. At the time I thought about getting in a wasp exterminator to do whatever it is they do but then I thought about living creatures and all that so I decided against having them killed. I instead though I would just put up with inconvenience of not being able to open the window for a few months thus allowing them to carry on their business in peace.
My reward came this evening. Whilst fumbling with the wrong key on the lock of the front door I felt a sharp pain on my leg. I looked down, couldn't see anything for my jeans, shrugged off the pain. I then went back to continue to try to place the wrong key in the lock when I felt a ticklish spot on my neck. I scratched said spot. Tried the key again only to notice dozens, and I mean dozens, of wasps crawling all over my arm. Before I had the chance to shake them off they all started to sting like it was some sort of coordinated premeditated attack.
The neighbours must have had a field day watching me run around the garden,waving my arms like a lunatic. I've got one forearm that's swollen so much that Popeye himself would be proud of it had he ate two can's of spinach.


Just a Girl said...


Poor you. At least you were not allergic, this time.

That reminds me of something that happened when I was a kid.

Misssy M said...

I'm afraid that certain animals are bastards and should be shown no mercy. Wasps fit into this category as do swans.

phoenix said...

that would signal time to get in the eterminators for me I'm afraid.Hope the arm's better now,my sis had a similar experience a few weeks back but they got her in the head (she instinctively put her hood up when they started not realising they were already in it)and had a forehead like a klingon!

Scotsman said...

Girl: You are just going to leave it at that?

Missy: I've never had a problem with swans. That might well have been a time to not say a word.

Phoenix: Klingon heid and Popeye forearm such attractive features caused by something an inch in length.

Just a Girl said...

I'll write a post. Hopefully.

Cat said...

I've been wasp-tastic over the last few months too, although it seems to be calming down a bit now. There's definitely no nest here, so I can only assume they hang out on the flowers over the way. However, I do agree with Misssy, on both wasps and swans.