Tuesday, 18 September 2007

A Conversation With God

Hello! Anybody out there? God ... are you listening? What happened? It's gone a little bit cold for the middle of September. If I were to put a sock in Richard Dawkins' mouth would you see fit to turn the heat of the sun back up again, not much, just a tad.


Misssy M said...

Itssss ssssso co-o-o-ld!

I have been RAGING about this all day. I had to put the heating up because my fingers wouldn't type. And that's not on.

Just a Girl said...

It was a four blanket on the bed night here as well.

(sometimes it's like torture coming here...you and your fantastic pictures in your header)

Scotsman said...

Misssy At least you work indoors and can turn the heating up. I could have done with that option today.

Girl: You don't have an electric blanket do you, in the name of the wee man my granny had one of those but at least she had an excuse she was old.

(My apologies, I'll stop now)

Just a Girl said...

No! Knowing me I'd manage to kill myself with it and, really, I am not ready to be that kind of old person yet.