Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Dear World,

When I am in the process of making penne pasta, meatballs and sauce, please remember that I am male and therefore cannot multi-task at all well. Do not call just as I'm about ready to dish up as the phone ringing is likely to lead to a temporary state of confusion which in turn will lead to me forgetting that the sieve got lost in the move which will lead to a moment of blind panic when I cannot find the wok-come-substitute-sieve.
Thank you.

You'd think after living here for 16 days and having cooked my fifth serving of pasta (its easy) in that time I would remember to buy a bloody sieve but noooooo I've got to do the pasta pot meets the wok shake and dance act because thats much more fun.


Just a Girl said...

Post It note. Stuck to the door you leave through and transfered to the steering wheel.

I've never had to do that? Nope, really. :)

Ellie said...

yeah I think that when I moved out on my own..that was the first thing I bought for the kitchen.

Figures I forgot to buy the pasta spoon. Don't you love pulling it out with a fork and spoon!

Scotsman said...

Jag: I remembered to buy the sieve, without the need for Post It notes, just as well really because if I were to use Post It notes for everything I might forget I wouldn't be able to see them for well other Post It notes.

Ellie: If I'm honest. Not Much!