Friday, 22 June 2007

The Worst Day Since Yesterday

Sometimes I prefer to do the whining in my head but others times I feel like I gotta let it out. Guess what time this is.

Right now I feel like I have a face that would have an ogre running for the hills.

My eyes itch so bad they feel like an inflated puffer fish when I scratch.

Scratching makes it worse of course but trying to resist the urge is as successful as Scotland's attempts to win the football World Cup.

For the past week I have seldom felt the relief of what it is to breathe through my nose. Only 3 more weeks to go then!

I shouldn't complain it's only been the worst day since yesterday, its just its not been any better.

Flowers may look pretty and grass may look harmless but for one month of the year for people like me the beauty that is nature hides a hidden hell.

The joys of being allergic to pollen are few and far between. Oh wait what am I saying, there are no joys just endless sneezing, blowing, sniffing, and weeping.

I suppose it might be possible to try to use the symptoms to my advantage if I were to come across a gorgeous sympathetic nurse type but its hard to have flirtatious conversation when you feel at your least attractive. Speaking through your dose is just not conducive to it. I doubt many women are attracted to my nose's best attempt at a Truman Capote impression.

Of course I could be wrong I might not really sound like that at all, but when I can hardly hear any one else speak it would be one cruel trick for my head to play if I don't sound like that when speaking whilst bunged up.

If days are bad, nights should be a relief, right? Wrong. Pollen count might in the opinion of experts be lower in the evening but that's because by that time its spent all day blowing up my nose and clinging there despite my body's best attempts to sneeze it away.

The sneezing continues throughout the night.

If I'm lucky I'll get 20 minutes sleep. The short rest is needed. It makes it all the easier to recover from the panic attack that I have when I wake and realise that I can't - breathe - gasp - gasp - g -a -s - p.

H - E - L - P M - E.

Actually don't bother, I'm only letting off steam, I'll be back to normal in about 3 weeks or thereabouts, in the meantime each day will be the worst day since yesterday. Can't wait.


phoenix said...

Can fully sympathise.Haven't got hayfever but food allergy with the same symptoms.Nights, I find are the worst.It's that whole waking up with a mouth like the sahara after you've unknowingly been breathing through your mouth cos your nose just refuses to work.bleurgh.It'll be over soon

Scotsman said...

That is bad, but at least when you are in bed you can't do stupid things like use a sharp knife whilst sneezing and eyes are streaming. The kind of knife that can cut half way through your finger before the pain receptors do their thing.

phoenix said...

Woops!!You know there is an injection available if you suffer really badly which tames the symptoms.I reckon not being able to see and nearly chopping your finger off constitutes as a bad case.

Misssy M said...

What I'm about to say will not make you feel any better, sorry.

My husband is a hayfever sufferer and his constant sneezing is a proper pain in the arse!

Don't throw anything at me..!

Just a Girl said...

And still you chose the business you do? You obviously really love it.

Either that or you have a dark streak; pain and suffering etc.