Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Moment When "3 Months, Probably Longer" Became 6 Weeks

"I am afraid that we have sold the house. They want vacant possession of the flat before they will sign the missives."

I knew it! I knew it was too good to be true. I never much liked the saying that goes when it looks too good to be true. it probably is. I'm a realist in life, I always assess a situation and look at what's possible, what's probable and the worst possible outcome in everything I do, but there are times when I let the realist within have a rest and the optimistic twin gets out to play. One such time was 6 weeks ago when I agreed to come here.

As soon as I saw it a voice in my head was telling me it was wrong, it told me to turn round, go back home and don't look back. I knew it all and yet I dared to dream. Just maybe, just this once things will work out better than expected and even if the new owners didn't want me to stay at least I would have 3 months. June, July and August. Maybe longer. The house wasn't even up for sale yet after all.

What I forgot was the rare availability of homes like this in Scotland, and that buyers with the cash to buy such homes are just as rare. I forgot that the news would quickly spread amongst the super rich that the house was going to soon become available and I overlooked the fact that people who have millions think nothing of adding in little extra sweeteners if they really want something and want it now.

Sometimes I'm such an eejit. An A-rated numpty.

Now because I didn't listen to myself I have to find somewhere new by the 7th of July.


Just a Girl said...

Well that's shitty. Where am I supposed to stay the next time I make it to Scotland!?

Even though it's such a crazy good agreement for the living in the house it would be helpful to get more than a week and a half notice. Can they not be a little flexible?

Good luck in the search.

Scotsman said...

Its my own fault, I was starting to dream.
I was starting to think that maybe I could stay when the new family moved in. I was starting to think of painting walls, getting photographs made up into prints and canvasses, changing carpets, inviting people over to stay for a week here and a week there and if I had a long term contact maybe even putting in some central heating. Two days later .... "We've sold...."
When will I learn? Idiot!
I can't really complain, the new owners tried to have me moved out by this weekend and current owner said no, but you can't mess around with a £4million piece of business, and I can see the point of the new owners situation too. They don't want to be stuck with a lodger they can't get rid of especially if they aren't paying rent and they do want a cleaner as well as a gardener. What sucks is they are going to do up the house, put central heating in it etc and I would have been quite happy to live with say a polish, spanish, hell any nationality girl who came over for a cleaning job. There is only one bedroom which in normal circumstances would be a problem but its big enough to have two double beds in it and still more furniture so it could easily be made into 2.
I really hate moving, I wasn't looking forward to moving out in August but I was expecting it. It totally through me off course when it wasn't even July and it was "Out! Scram!"
Now if only I had seen the original gumtree advert 19 months before I could have had almost 2 years of living here but then I would have been that bit more comfortable and reluctant to leave.

Just a Girl said...

That's why I quash my dreams...

Tis a bugger but what can you do. At least the old owners stuck up for you as much as possible.

Tathiana Sobroza said...

That's bad news Scotsman, but you know, sometimes we cannot see the reason why certain things happen.

Maybe one day you'll find out that it was better for you this way.

Ok, you might be angry with my too optimistic view, but I imagine how upset you are right now. I would be too.

Good luck & Take care!

Scotsman said...

Girl: I had been doing quite well in the not daring to dream what might be until this week for some reason.

Tathiana: Its just life, nothing to be upset about. I always knew it was a possibility it could turn out like this, its more annoying that I let myself start to think otherwise.