Friday, 22 December 2006

Same Jeans?

I bought myself an early Christmas present this week. Nothing very exciting. It was just a couple pairs of jeans for work. One black pair, one blue pair. Same label on the back, came cut, same leg length and same waist width. I tried the black pair in the shop and they fitted fine and with that I bought both pairs and hurried off home to do the rest of the million things I had to do that night. The next day I wore the black pair and felt comfortable in them all day long. Today I put on the blue pair. At the time they felt a little bit on the tight side, so I took them off again and compared the label with the black pair just to double check that everything was the same apart from the colour. It was. With that I was satisfied and assumed that I was imagining the tightness or maybe my underwear had twisted round, so on went the jeans again. By this time I running late, the million things I had to do a few nights before had become a million and one things (isn't the festive season great?), so when the tightness was still there I didn't have time to change. All I could do was make funny faces and strange body contortions as I tried to adjust myself in my underwear as I ran down the stairs. (Now that was a photo opportunity missed)
16 hours later, unable to get home to change my jeans at any point of the day its safe to say I will not be having any of my own kids in this lifetime. Ah well the world is over populated anyway.
Strangely the relief that I was expecting to feel after I cut myself out of them didn't materialize. If those are the same size of jeans as the black pair then I am Nelson Mandela. Comfort fit? Comfort fit, my backside they are!

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Just a Girl said...

Oh I hate that. I've learned to try everything on no matter what the tags say. I even go so far as to try the same jeans (size, colour, length, style)in multiples as they can fit so differently.

It's a bugger.