Wednesday, 27 December 2006

I admit it, I'm a thief

In the interest of making extra money for a digital SLR I've taken on some extra work in Lochgilphead which is a tiny little place with next to nothing that resembles civilization as we know it and I'll be working there for the next two months, only coming home for the weekends. Which means no computer or internet access for me, and worse still no music that is held in my PC. How am I going to survive on local radio stations??? What possessed me to say yes to this job???
Since I will only have a computer at weekends I probably won't be blogging much and just when I was getting into some sort of blogging routine again - dammit to hell! So anyway I'll leave you with something to do in my absence and yes this is the part I stole. Thank you Tathiana. Actually she doesn't know I stole it yet, but if she's paying attention she will.
The task I've set you is this:
Direct your browser to
Then make a wish, for every person who makes a wish $0.10 is donated to a non profit organization. Doesn't sound like very much but a maximum of $50,000 will be donated, so get your friends to do it too.
Oh and wish for something original world wide peace and ending starvation has been done to death.

Have a good time, even if I am going slowly insane through lack of music. Actually I'll be back at the weekend this is just a short week, its the week after the new year that will be a killer.


Just a Girl said...

Oh the things we do for all things material...

You don't have an mp3/iPod? I am a little surprised what with you being so musically inclined...not that I have one myself.

Good luck in the great beyond. I'll miss your witty posts. Just make sure you come back.

Tathiana Sobroza said...

Hey there, where is my comment???
I was the first... just read right after you wrote it... :(
Has the blogger lost it or you decided not to post it?
anyway, just wanna say this post is sweeeeet! also that I miss yours...
oh, and thanks for your help! you are the coolest thief I've ever known! :P

Scotsman said...

I suppose I should answer my comments before I allow my pc to gather dust for a week.

just a girl: It is suprising that I don't have an mp3 player, but I don't see me ever buying an ipod due to one reason only, the 10000 tracks on my computer were not purchased with itunes, I don't fancy replacing them all, that would be expensive. I could buy another another mp3 player I suppose, but during the day I normally like to listen to XFM Scotland and then listen to my own music at night time, unfortunately in the back of beyond I can't do either. I have since found out that in the back of beyond, one step in the wrong direction I can't even get local radio stations. Thats not good.

Tathiana: My apologies but I never got to see your original comment, blogger must of ate it. It does that to my comments all the time lately. Ok that was a slight exaggeration but it sure feels like all the time when its happening.
I always knew I could be cool at somethiong, who knew all this time that my honesty was getting in the way of me showing off my hidden coolness. Dammit.

Tathiana Sobroza said...

scotsman, you are funny!!!
ok, I know you know you are funny... :P
No apologies are necessary. I am sure blogger ate my comment. Next time I will backup it. ... :)
Have a good week!

Just a Girl said...

I have a friend with a pod who knows some tweak to change music files so you can load them to the pod...
Just so you know.

See you in a week (sort of).