Saturday, 16 December 2006

Do NOT Resuscitate! - A Story

Lonely girl buys puppy.
Girl with puppy meets boy.
Boy moves in with girl and puppy.
Boy and girl spend a day shopping leaving the puppy inside.
Boy and girl come home and discover that the puppy has made a mess in the kitchen.
Boy violently kicks dog for punishment and retribution.
Girl, eventually, 3 days later takes dog to the vet.
Due to broken ribs etc the vets bill comes to about £900.
Boy tells girl to put the puppy down.
Girl gives this serious consideration but decides in the end to give the dog one more chance.


What the hell is wrong with these people?

I tell you, that guy is one lucky guy. I don't care that he is 6ft 6 and almost a foot taller than I am, I don't care that he is built like a rock and I'm not. If I had seen him kick that dog I would most likely have kicked him in the balls with my steal toe cap boots until he cried like a baby girl. And if he then proceeded to try and have the puppy (with 12, 13, 14 maybe 15 years life ahead of it) put down I would have kicked him in the ribs, personally dragged his ass to hospital, laid him on a hopital bed and I would then ask a passing nurse for a sheet of paper on which I would have wrote 3 words on it- Do NOT Resuscitate!

This story probably makes me sound really violent, but really I'm not. I actually abhor violence and try to avoid it whenever I can. If someone was to punch me right now I would probably let them off with a firm verbal warning not to do it again. If that person was stupid enough to try to hit me again then they might get the shock of their life when I knocked them half way into tomorrow with a couple of punches. But I would stop instantly as soon as I thought they had learned that I am not an easy touch. However if I saw someone needlessly being violent to an animal, a child, a woman or even another weaker man I would be very tempted to intervene and probably would do so if I judged that wasn't going to make the situation worse.
I might be only 5 ft 7 and of slim build but i'm stubborn bastard, I can take a beating and get back up again and again. And if I have the right circumstances & motivation I can let someone else know that they have been in a fight. It takes a lot to make me angry. Its probably just as well too, because the world would not be a pretty place if I was angry all the time.

I have a question for you.
Why do women stay with jerks like him? If he can do something like that to a dog and show no remorse, it surely won't take much for him to do it to a child or even his girlfiend or wife.


Just a Girl said...

What an ass.

I want to knock him nine ways to Sunday myself. Grr.

As to your age old question: they think that's all they deserve and that there will never be anyone else. They also fear being alone. Plus, a lot of the time, it is a slow build up (down?) to violence. It starts in subtle ways before it escalates.

Scotsman said...

I think in this case he has shown what type of person he is early on in the relationship.

Just a Girl said...

Except for some they rationalize it in thir heads to 'It was just an animal. He'd never do that to a person.'

Scotsman said...

Ah yeah some people thought that Jeffrey was 'a nice young man' and would never have thought he went from dissecting animals to enjoying dining on men.