Sunday, 17 December 2006

Picasa Web Album

Since it appears that I am back to not being able to comment once again I thought I would take the time to see how web albums work through Picasa. I probably can't do that either but hey I can but try. If it does work, you should be able see the Isle Of Skye by clicking the link below.


Just a Girl said...

Pissed off Blogger again hey?

Can you leave a comment as other or anonymously?

Scotsman said...

It depends. I'm not sure if its a random thing or a day of the week thing, I haven't looked that far into it yet. Somedays I can post as myself without problems, thats a very good day indeed, other days I can post anonymously but on a bad day I can't seem to post at all. I think it might be the internet's way of saying that I need to get off the computer and do something useful. So instead of doing that I play about with photo albums - thats me always the stubborn bastard.

Just a Girl said...

Ok...I just got a chance to look at the photo!

Did you fiddle with the pics at all or was it just the combo of your camera and the light that day? They are so rich.

I stole one for my desktop.

Scotsman said...

I wish I could say it was me, but sadly not. It was all to do with the light of the island, its blessed with it whatever the season. Unfortunately the weekend I was there the best light only decided to show itself when I was driving back home, it took a few hours for the morning mist to melt away and by that time I was tight on time for getting bck for an appointment but I might try and get back in March. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to find the mountains covered in snow.

If you want to read more just copy and paste the link