Thursday, 30 November 2006

Royal Exchange Square In Winter

I am determined that one of year I am going to take a photograph that does this scene justice. I'm not normally a fan of Christmas street lighting, in my opinion most displays end up looking cheap, gaudy and tacky but for the past few years the lighting around Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow has looked impressive. I'm not sure whether its the buildings that lend themselves to being showered in light or if its down to the fact that someone has taken the time to design an imaginative sympathetic display but whatever the reason that it looks so good at this time of the year doesn't really matter. What matter's is that I can't seem to take a decent photograph of it.
Last year my pictures came out all blurry, this year they were a little better but I wasn't able to stand where I wanted to for traffic going back So I couldn't get the full scene shot but I'll get it next year. The pictures might even be better too, next year I'll upgrade my compact camera to an SLR. What is it they say about people who blame their tools?


Just a Girl said...

It does look rather pretty.

It is hard to take a good night shot with a point and shoot unless you can play with the shutter.

I am seriously considering a D-SLR and shopping about now.

Tathiana Sobroza said...

your pics look good! :)
I have the same difficulty taking photos at night... my camera isn't a professional one...
but this is what I have, right?
So I am going to take my first X-mas shots tonight!