Friday, 17 November 2006

Oye!!! What Happened To My Post?

I went to all the trouble of writing a post (big hardship) yesterday and it's not on here! I even responded to two comments too, which is something I have to admit I am guilty of of not doing often enough, and those responses haven't been added to either! Well as a result I'm feeling a little bit petty tonight (it's my blog, I'm allowed) - may a gull fly over whoever is responsible. Posted by Picasa


Just a Girl said...!

It never even showed up in Bloglines so it's a mystery.

Scotsman said...

I wouldn't mind so much except it took 3 attempts to get the post accepted, only to find that it didn't really accept it at all. I think the servers must have been really screwed up yesterday.

Just a Girl said...

I've learned to copy my posts if there seems to be a glitch like that during publishing. I've lost some and it drives me nutty.