Tuesday, 28 November 2006

May I Say Something?

Yes Blogger I am talking to YOU.

When I take the time to type a post or a comment I expect it to be published, I do not expect it to disappear into the dark hidden depths of cyberspace never to be seen again because that is just pointless.

Ok I'm done now, carry on!


Just a Girl said...

Oh it can be a bugger for sure.

Tathiana Sobroza said...

hmmmm... that's bad... :(
after your comment, i've missed another one from my friend...
hey, aren't you going to flickr?
i wanna see your pics...add some to my favorites... also include Scotland to my wish list too :)

Scotsman said...

At the moment I'm not sure I have the time to flickr. I would need to find the time to.be seriously picky, So far I have about 300 pictures on my Scotland blog and about 60 on my New Zealand blog and that's just the start. I was only in New Zealand for 3 weeks and still found time to take over 1800 photographs. I have deleted about 700 of those but I still need to wade through the remaining before I can choose to share the best.