Tuesday, 28 April 2009

This Blog Needs Help!

It's been a while coming, probably about 12 months if I'm honest, but the time has come to admit that this blog has been pretty much just going through the motions. In that time I've made plenty of excuses for myself;
  • I was working nights, I was either sleeping during the day or trying to enjoy what was left of it. Blogging could wait.
  • 4 - 6 hours on the phone every day, 8 hours at work, 3 - 4 hours sleeping barely left enough time to shop, eat, and enjoy the outdoors for a bit nevermind blog.
  • 6 months preparing to leave one country for another was a bigger deal and priority.
  • A bad mixture of either having a blogging idea but no time to type it, or the time but no ideas.
  • Maybe tomorrow.
But the truth is I just lost the habit. Many a time I knew I had become a bad blogger and would contemplate deleting it but then I would think of the times I typed crap in the past and got some sort of strange fucked up enjoyment from it. Those days were bound to return at some point. Every blogger suffers from writers block from time to time. Right? 

The solution I thought was to post sporadically and eventually I'd just get some of the old mojo back. But its been a while now its just not happening. 

So folks this is you chance to share what you do when you are running short of writing inspiration. What's your secret? Is there a blogger that inspires you or do you have a game that play? Share - dammit!


Misssy M said...

Set yourself a goal to post every week- I decided that I was posting too often and as a consequence couldn't keep my standards as high as I wanted- I was posting all my ideas at once. Once a week is enough, it gives readers time to read your post and means I always have an idea. In between times if you feel inspiration, write your post and save it for the next week.

My mojo has taken a beating this last 3 months becuase I've been cncetrating on other writing. I haven't always felt the need to blog as much as I did, so I decided on the once a week minimum rule to get me through it. Seems to be working.

Just a Girl said...

I like Misssy's suggestion.

I myself am sporadic and my posts range from one picture, a short anecdote, a funny cartoon or a big ramble. I just have to go with the flow really. I find that a lot of the bloggers I read or have read have slowed or quit and many are now FB friends.

I keep blogs in a feed so I know when the updates come, even when they are a year apart. :)