Monday, 6 April 2009

Got To Love Chancers

If you have read my last post you will aware that I have just moved from Scotland to Utah. As a result of this move I am currently looking for work, in an ideal situation I would like to start up my own photography business so although I have been looking online at any job adverts that I thought I might be able to do I have been especially keeping my eye out for any photography work so that I can build my reputation in the area.  Which led me to clicking on this advert today
Photogragher (Salt Lake city, UT)
Hello everyone I am looking for a photographer for a Premium Street Wear Clothing Company Shoot, We will be using exotic and luxury cars in the shoot, also good looking models, Men and women. 

Location-Mountains, Outside Atmosphere, Cabin, Lake,etc 
Overlooking the fact that the person who posted the advert couldn't spellcheck photographer in the headline or give the city in Salt Lake City a capital it seemed like a good interesting job, that was until I read on a little further.
I am looking for a photographer that would like to (TFCD) Trade for CD, It will build up your portfolio, and your resume. 

If interested please contact me ASAP, The photo shoot will be May 25, 2009 
The shoot could be a two day event, subject to change. 

Thank you 
Hope to here from you soon... 

Compensation: (Trade for cd) TFCD

Apparently this 'premium' clothing company is willing to shell out for luxury cars and models but expects to get the photography work for free. Two days may not sound like a lot of work but a conservative estimate of one days shooting for that type of event would be around 800 photos. So if you were to double that for the two day shoot anybody contemplating applying for this wonderful resume enhancing opportunity would have about 2 weeks worth of work just editing a job that they had done for free.
Don't get me wrong photographers will often work for free when they are starting out and will work with new bands that need shots for their Myspace page or inexperienced models for portfolio purposes but a typical shoot would be around 25 or so images and maybe take around an hour to complete. But this joker wants the equivalent work of two wedding shoots which conservatively would cost around $1600 but wants full rights of the images for free. Nice! The sad thing is I suspect that some poor sod will actually be naive enough to apply and be taken for a ride.

Now as it happens I am going to do some photography work for free this coming Friday but all for a good cause and perhaps as a result I might even be able to get a few contacts from it. Unlike the advertisement shown above. 


Hillary said...

I found this ad on craigslist and you might want to notice the city of which this is based out of. "Delusionville." This is a prank. You might want to ask your sweety if the ads you are looking at, have a real city listed as their location. Just an FYI :)

Hillary said...

You should but an ad on classified. If your price is good enough, you will get a call.

Scotsman said...

No, the advert that you saw was just one of the many responses to the original advert. I'm not that stoopid :)

I think the original advert that got the flak was either flagged or deleted.

Hillary said...

Ohhhh! my bad.

Scotsman said...

I've put a couple of ads on KSL but there are probably more ads from photographers than there are viewers/buyers.