Monday, 20 April 2009

Damn That Muffin Was Nice!

This is what it looked like in the mountains around Salt Lake City just 8 days ago.

Today it's 22 degrees Celsius, which would be a pleasant summers day in Scotland. It's gorgeous. By Wednesday, the temperature in these parts is going to be around the level where the humidity in the air in Scotland would start making working outside uncomfortable without ample levels of Irn Bru refreshments. It is not as humid in Utah but I can't help thinking that come the Summer I will be wishing that the 7 kids we had over did this weekend took pity on me by doing their job properly and finished me off. 
In the meantime though I am going to enjoy this Spring and treat it like the chocolate muffin I just ate. 


Just a Girl said...

This post title made my dirty mind think :D

Scotsman said...

I'm not sure whether your local baker worries or gets excited when you come calling.