Thursday, 28 May 2015

I put it to you

Without You there is no Us. Without Us, I may be me but I am not the same Me.

We travelled and grew as allies together moving forward towards a destiny we couldn't have predicted coming together from different corners of the world, crossing oceans and continents to find a fate that seemed in hindsight so natural. Your smile adds an extra beat to my heart, your voice sings in my soul. My hands miss your body within. My skin warms to your touch. Irreplaceable is what you are to me. There is no other that makes me feel the way you do. I thought I could let you go because at the time its what you wanted but I wasn't listening to my own heart. In an instant I felt my destiny slipping away, a puff of smoke and it was gone. Life can be cruel. But life can also be beautiful. In that same instant I knew I needed courage and faith in time because I knew then I needed you like I needed oxygen. I love you for so many reasons, too many to mention, but perhaps its as simple as the fact that you complete me.