Tuesday, 8 August 2006

The Award For Most Stupid Living Bird Goes To…..

The Pheasant.

You may have heard the joke that begins with … why did the chicken cross the road...well I’m afraid the chicken has been done a disservice with this joke. Chickens do not cross roads, pheasants do. Pheasants run, walk, crawl, dilly dally across roads just to get to the other side but they never fly. It’s not that they can’t fly; they are just too darn lazy and stupid to do so. Pheasants are beautiful birds, their plumage is made up with some striking colours but this beauty came at a terrible cost. Beautiful they may be but they have no brains to go with it. A pheasant will be quite happy to forage in the hedgerows until it sees a car coming then it will decide not to stay in the hedgerow where it is safe but cross the road right in front of the oncoming car. I was doing quite a bit of driving today and I had 7 pheasants run out in front me today. I was starting to think it was Pheasant Death Wish Day, for whatever reason they seemed to be trying hard to go the same way as the Dodo.

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