Saturday, 28 July 2007

I'm Back!

£125 poorer.
And 20 days later after setting it in motion I finally have broadband again. That's British prices and British efficiency for you. Do the Germans have this much trouble when moving house? I think not.
Anyway I'm back online, that's the main thing and there's no need to bitch and moan about it, what is done is done.
So moving on.
I can be a bit of a numpty at times, especially when I am overworked, overstressed and suffering from musical entertainment withdrawals, like yesterday for example. I found myself in Glasgow walking along St Vincent Street at lunchtime with hunger pains in my stomach urging a refuelling pitstop - King Tuts seemed as good a place as any to eat. Whilst there I discovered that Angus & Julia Stone were playing on Sunday night. Angus & Julia Stone were introduced to me by an Australian friend about a year ago, seeing that the brother/sister duo were playing on Sunday reminded me that this friend of mind hadn't yet broken her King Tuts Wah Wah Hut's cherry yet (keep your mind out of the gutter its Glasgow's Mecca for music lovers). This was despite having promised her that I would take her there when she moved to this country. She has been living in Edinburgh for 2 months now and I have failed in my duties as a host but moving twice in 2 months is apt to lead to distractions and in my defence I haven't seen much in the way of live music for some time now however as I was eating I decided to address this and promptly bought 3 tickets, one for myself (of course), one for the her and one for her flatmate (see there was no reason for your mind to be in the gutter). I don't even know her flatmate but I thought its a bit rude not to buy her one too and I'm nice like that (sometimes).
In my haste, I forgot I might want to ask first then buy the tickets if required. I also forgot I had no internet access. No mobile phone seeing as I deliberately misplaced it years ago (I don't like them) and a new home telephone number that noone was yet familiar with. So after eating lunch a quick run down to the nearest internet cafe was required to send an email regarding sunday night and an instruction to get in touch by telephone with an answer of 'yes we'd love to come' or 'sorry we can't, other plans have been made and we really need more notice in future -eejit' or something similar with that delightful etiquette they have in the land down under. It was only after doing this and getting home from work about 9 hours later that I realised the line that I paid £125 to install had a fault and that I couldn't send or receive any calls.
18 hrs later its now working again but its now only 26 hours until the show starts and still no word about my friend's availability. Not good. Its not about the money. £7 a ticket is hardly a bank account breaker. I'd just like to go out and enjoy some good music but I'm not going as Jimmy-no-mates. So that could mean some lucky sod gets free tickets if my friend doesn't claim them first. Anyone want them?
What, you've never heard Angus & Julia Stone? Never fear. Download Pando, then download the attachment below, on it you will find 2 songs, that's right not one but two, and you can decide if you want to take up the free tickets of course if you live in Canada, Brazil, the USA or anywhere else outside of the central belt of Scotland it might be too late for you too but the offer is there to tease you anyway.


Cat said...

When I bought this flat I had all sorts of hideous errors with BT - at that time I didn't even need internet access, so all that trouble was just about getting a telephone. They also cocked up my listing with directory enquiries, meaning people had to faff about calling my parents to get my number. Useless.

Just a Girl said...

Hello, hello, welcome back, nice to see you etc.

I like how phone/cable/hydro and the like will only give you a day not a time when it comes to appointments. Who has that sort of time to sit around all day waiting? Ugh.

Jimmy-no-mates? Is that what people think of me when I go alone? Now I will be to paranoid to have any fun! Thanks.


Scotsman said...

Cat: You would think companies like BT could do what they have specialised in for decades with as little hassle and fuss as possible for their customers but apparently thats not the case. If I provided the same level of service to my clients as BT have provided with me in the past few weeks I would have no business.

jag: You're welcome :) But really where guys look sad and pathetic when going alone, girls can get away with it, especially if you can giggle and scream at the appropriate moments - if you can manage that you can be mistaken as a groupie.

As for the utility companies waiting in all day was bad enough dealing with the call centres was worse.

Just a Girl said...

I'm not really about the giggling and the screaming though I have been know to stand there with a stupid, stunned look on my face.

Misssy M said...

Welcome back to internet slavery.

To think their was a time not that long ago when I thought, "But what do people find to do for hours on end on the internet once they've read their emails?"

Scotsman said...

Thank you Misssy. I was the same until some geek invented downloadable music which subsequently has become my porn that's keeps me coming back for more. Now I'm wondering how I ever managed to live without.