Sunday, 29 July 2007

I should have worn steel toe cap boots

The gig was good, very good. So the rush of blood to my head on Friday was a good thing. My live music withdrawals have been satisfied for at least another few days.

It always amazes me no matter how many times I have been to King Tuts in the past how I somehow manage to forget, in the time it takes between visits, how intimate that place is. But I swear it seemed smaller tonight somehow. Probably the woman with the beehive hair (think Amy Winehouse and you should get the picture) helped in that regard, especially when she stood in front of me. Unfortunately she was no Amy Winehouse. Amy is mostly all hair and has very little in the way of bones. I couldn't say the same for this woman. She had very large feet that seemed to be drawn to my left foot. I'm glad she wasn't wearing heels because being stood upon about a dozen times with flat shoes was painful enough as it was.

Less painful was meeting Nicola, who was in my class at school. We hadn't actually seen each other since we left school - 13 years ago. That means I'm going to be 30 next month. Where did the time go?


Just a Girl said...

Did you go with your friends?

The foot trampers are the reason I wear, ermmm, sturdier shoes to gigs. I can't understand how some girls can wear flip flops or open toed heels.

Wow, you are days away from entering your 4th decade.....

Scotsman said...

Unfortunately not my intended victims, I had to pull two others out the hat at the last possible moment, which was fun.

I don't get the flip flop wearers either, of which there was more than I expected, although if everybody wore them I'm sure the bones on my feet wouldn't be as bruised as they are this morning.

Just 19 days away, but I seem to be suffering from early alzheimers. I don't remember what I did during that last decade. Alzheimers is supposed to be a bad thing but I only see benefits from where I'm sitting, I still feel like I'm in my early 20s . The ignorant bliss of not knowing what 30 is supposed to feel like probably helps too.