Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Its been so long I forgot how to write

Since the time when the snow stopped falling, work has been good. Far busier than I dared hope for. It hasn't allowed much in the way of family time, watching the world cup, or blog writing but it has allowed for family piece of mind time.

As good as that feels its feels good to have a day off from working. Scottish people probably shouldn't work in the desert we just aren't designed for it. Much like the worms in these parts that spend a couple of minutes above ground I pretty much suffer in anything above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, thankfully I can get by with the little help from diet coke (sadly there are no 750ml glass bottles of Irn Bru available here), and lots of sun tan lotion.

The worms here aren't so lucky. In sympathy I spend a lot of time reburying any worms that I accidentally dig up, back in the home country I wouldn't bother its wet enough, and cold enough, that the worms could last for hours on the surface of the soil but here they die quicker than the Robins can catch them.

Well most of the time.

One thing I have been enjoying while working outside here is the different varieties of wildlife. I would never have seen a hummingbird back home, nor dragonflies as big or watch my wife scare the crap out of some quails. Unfortunately I've never had the camera on hand to photograph the quails or the hummingbirds I have seen this summer, I am getting paid to work after all, but I have captured some of the slower moving wildlife.


Some Chilean Woman said...

I thought for sure you'd have a quail in there.

LarryLilly said...

Well, you could photograph some road kill, they are slow enough to get them on film most anytime!


yeah, in Dall-ass Tex-ass its not only been hot but humid. Steaming wet/hot. Kind of like being stuck in some big mans tighty-whiteys, if you get my drift.

Madame DeFarge said...

I'll ship across some Irn Bru. Every working man should have some. It's a cultural thing. Great pics too.