Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Pigeons & Rock Don't Mix

If you were reading nowriterjustanoverthinker at the tail end of last year you may remember that I made a list of positive resolutions that we had to work our way through for the year, well finally we are finding the time to do just that. We have also invested in bikes for each of us which was not part of the list.

Since then we have bought tickets to go see Bell X1 in San Francisco, which helps us to tick off two items on the list in October. Last Monday we got around to seeing our first gig of the year at the USANA ampitheatre in Salt Lake, a great venue for a hot summers night, and a great band in Kings of Leon. Thankfully they stayed the course and somechileanwoman and I had a good time. I didn't realise how lucky we were until I read the bbc news site yesterday that the Kings were forced to abandon another gig in St Louis due to pigeon poop.


Ms Smack said...

Hey Scotsman!

Glad you and the hot chilean woman are working through your list. That's a good feeling, I reckon.

I heard about the KoL cancelling their gig, and rightfully so. The venue should have blasted those freakin'birds out of there, before charging top dollar for concert goers.

Take it easy

A Daft Scots Lass said...

you gotta be shitty me!

LarryLilly said...

pigeons = flying rats

unless your a hawk, then pigeons = fast food!