Friday, 18 June 2010

It's Not So Shite Being Scottish

Scotland might not have been invited to the party (again) but at least we don't have to listen to those vuvuzela horns.

Not that I have seen many games myself (be careful what you wish for working 50 - 60 hours leaves little time for blogging or watching the fitba). Although I have managed to record every one of them on the dvr I have only had the time to watch just two games thus far.

England and the USA game was even more boring than I had predicted. Too much hype and not enough desire by either team to win. In contrast the Chilean - Honduras game was much more interesting. Chile having enough chances to score 5 or 6 goals but were as inept at putting them away as any Scottish World Cup side. Looks like I married into the right nationality.


Some Chilean Woman said...

Damn right!

Madame DeFarge said...

At least we are spared the never ending national hype - this time round. It's dreadful being down here in London.

Sausage Fingers said...

I cant stand those bloody things, but I would put up with them if Scotland qualified. Me and my dad drinking pints and blowing horns while cheering on the lads..

LarryLilly said...

Soccer isnt liked in this country because it isnt about adventure, territorial raiding or destiny. I mean, I played it and for a sports player its ok. I mean, once I got to high school, who do you think the cute girl is going to go out with, the little Irish mick that stands 5-4 and can kick a soccer ball through a basket from 30 YARDS (dont get me on that metric bollocks) or a big strapping kid with a football under his arm. OK, not rugby, but hey, this is about soccer, dont get me started there either.

Soccer is a continental sport where TIES are for crying out loud acceptable. Acceptable!! You have got to be chitting me. Vietnam was a tie. We want victory. Its been in our blood ever since we kicked the real American's living here off their land and conquered it and them. To the victor goes the spoils. The victor writes the history books, not the French. The French ARE history, they dont write history. The continental powers (Europe and post WWII rest of the world) and the rest of the cabal out there believe soccer is a great sport and you play for 90 minutes and BOTH teams get to shout since it was a freaking tie. Jesus Mary mother of God, if we played to a tie, Columbus and his kin would still be in Massachusetts Bay waiting for an invite by the tribes. Lewis and Clark would have reported that they didnt find a freaking thing west of the Mississippi. That the Louisiana purchase wasnt worth the 3 cents per square mile or whatever it was. No, soccer is what living with 24-7 PC is all about. No hard won victory, just a tie. OK, unless your playing the North Koreans, a team so hapless they will all be shot when they get back to the sweet motherland. When you play the hapless, you can outscore them, but equally good teams, nah, play for a tie, after all, that' what the EU is all about, equality and fraternity and bullshit, dont want anyone else to seem better than the next bloke. Me, if I were soccer king for a day, play under the EU rules of ties are OK, then after 90 minutes, if its still a tie, issue an order. Play UNTIL there is a winner, whatever it takes. The team that doesnt win gets their nutz cut off with a dull hedge shear and the stub then dipped in battery acid. then see who can kick the jimmies off the other team. make it personal.

No real Irish were hurt in this rant (but the frenchie, well, he was near dead anyway.)

Scotsman said...

SCW: I knew you'd say that.

Defarge: The only England hype I have had to endure this time around was the USA - England match, probably the most boring game of let's play the ball sideways I have seen in a long time.

Fingers: If Scotland qualified and I had the funds to go to the World Cup I think I would have had to take ear plugs with me. But being that close to the vuvuzelas and watching Scotland get the same number of points as the team who got second in the group stage but coming third on goal difference (again) might be akin to CIA water boarding, a torture I might rather avoid.

That said the wife and I have agreed that if Chile and Scotland both qualify for the same World Cup we will be going too. I doubt I need to start learning the samba.

Larry: She should have picked the Irish muck, they're tough - they don't wear padding, some of the continentals I can't vouch for they may not have the padding but they roll about like they have been shot at the slightest touch. But that just makes the Irish look all the better.

I think you might be watching too much American soccer. This is just the group stages of the World cup, but its reaching the knock out stages where every game will have a winner. Meaning the team who wins the most will win the cup. Sadly here in America that isn't always the case. Case in point Real Salt Lake, they had a pretty average season throughout the year, barely scraping into the playoffs in the final game somehow they came through to win the MLS cup with a lot of luck on the way. But thats the way of American sports, Football, Soccer, Basketball, you don't have to be the best throughout the season, just get to the playoffs and your season starts again.

Off point, the Irish would have brought some more colour to this World Cup without the need for the horns, but sadly the French took their place with a dodgy goal.