Thursday, 18 February 2010

A Little Light Hearted Controversy

I'm going to talk about US politics in this post, sorry dear you might not want to read this one.

I am not going to pretend that I am understand American politics because I don't. I have one issue that I am interested in and the rest I couldn't give two hoots about to be honest. Even that one issue (health reform) I don't understand. As much as I try to make head or tail of the latest news regarding where health reform might be heading I cannot keep up with it. I am as confused as when I started taking an interest in it, maybe even more so.

The only thing I can safely say about US politics without fear of being wrong is that this time last year Obama was popular, this year, after a year of talking a lot but not being able to change very much, he isn't. I like Obama but I feel sorry for him. He's hampered by what the previous occupant of the White House let happen on his shift. I kind of admire Obama's willingness to look for consensus in everything he does, but I think he's living in another world if he thinks he can find some sort of consensus with the Republican party. I think American politics is too divided for that. If the Democrat party talks red, the Republican party shouts Blue, and vice versa.

Right now the Republican party doesn't want anything to pass the house, especially anything they might have to change when they get back into power and yet still Obama insists on moulding and remoulding the Health Care Bill into something they can work with. You've got to give him credit for his stubbornness, but what is he thinking?

I think he's forgot he's black. I think he's forgot that not only will some Republican voters never want to see a Democrat in office but there are also some Republicans that a livid that a black man made it to the White House. Some of those voters are still of the 1950s mindset that he's a 6 letter word beginning with n and ending in r and not to be trusted. These people are generally nice people but think just a little bit differently from the rest of us and Obama will never be able to get these people on board. These people won't use the race card very much, its not 1950 any more they can't get away with being so politically incorrect, so instead they will say something on CNN along the lines of Obama not being American (Hawaii's not a State apparently) or that he's a communist. Seriously? What's still to fear of communism? I thought communism was dying in 1959. About the only communist country that made a success of it and is still standing is China, and they, ironically, are propping this country up. But these are the people hoping that Palin is a serious presidential candidate next time around, despite the fact she is probably the only conservative that has ever had to write 'tax cuts' on her hand for a television question and answer session.

Personally I think Obama needs to talk less and forget about consensus and just get on with the job and do the things he thinks is right for the country. And he needs a makeover.

I also think he also needs more help from the black community. No one community has more to lose from Obama failing than the black community. There are too many white people in this country waiting to say "I told you so", but on the other end of the coin there is a large black population waiting to say "we told you so!"

Obama needs to start acting more black. I don't quite know what I mean about that. But he can afford to black it up a little safe in the knowledge some conservatives like those who run Fox News are never going to like him anyway no matter what he does. He needs to remember that the people he can rely on through good times and bad is the black community. Maybe he should call on the R&B industry and ask each star such as P Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Kanye West, and Beyonce to give up one member of their entourage for the good of the country. What's more Uncle Sam than Obama calling on for a little sacrifice from the R&B community for the good of the country?

Imagine if Obama had access to an army of big, black, bling wearing 'bodyguards' to call on when he needed some extra emphasis to his policies. Those bankers with the big bonuses would be in a hurry to make sure the banks paid back all the money they owed the country as soon as humanly possible. With muscle like that to back up his intentions I'd give it two weeks for the bank debt to be repaid.

And maybe then he could concentrate on a fairer health system for all.


Madame DeFarge said...

He could adopt the 'bling' look. I'd pay good money for that. Imagine him getting on down with big Gordo.

Scotsman said...

I'd love to see Gordon's face if Obama walked off Airforce One at Heathrow flashing a grillz teeth smile.