Monday, 22 February 2010

Cheap Weekends & Parents

One of the simple pleasures about living in the US is being able to spend a cheap weekend at the cinema. If we had spent the same Saturday paying the monthly bills back home in the UK there would have been no way I could have contemplated going to the cinema with SCW once, nevermind twice, on the Sunday. At a minimum of 12 pounds for two tickets we would probably put it off thinking about what else we might need to spend that money on the rest of the week. But the UK does not have the dollar theater.

2 cinema tickets for $2.50 is pretty good value in my book and when you are skint it doesn't break the bank too much. I can totally understand the temptation to take the family there for a cheap weekend, but taking a young family to see a movie like The Road would not be my choice. I try not to be too judgmental of how other parents bring up their kids but after seeing the previews to The Road whilst watching another movie there was no way I could have let a 3, 5, 7 and 8 year old watch this movie.  It turned out the film wasn't as terrifying as the previews made it look but I still think that for kids of that age and with it being rated R that it was a totally inappropriate film to watch with young children.

Good movie for adults though.

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Gillian said...

Movie tickets here in SA are pretty expensive! Hence we watch DVDs a lot more than going to the films.