Friday, 22 May 2009

So What Can You Recall?

Somehow I have made it to 200 blog posts. A lot slower than some I admit. But here it is. And would you believe it I'm feeling really uninspired in regards to writing something original. No surprise there then!

So instead of writing something nonsensical like I usually do I thought I would mark this minor milestone by inviting you to partake in a little game of mental recall.

The rules are simple.

It is open to anyone who has read this blog for the last 5 or 199 posts (assuming they are not going to be my wife in 7 days time). I already know from experience all too well that her recall is too good. Maybe I'll get her to do the marking.

The object of the game is to try and name previous post titles or subject matter without looking back at previous posts.

The person with the highest score wins.

Unfortunately being skint I can give no prizes, in fact just like learning how to measure a hypotenuse in a school maths class it is largely a waste of time in regards to usefulness for the rest of your life - but it should be a little bit more fun.

Listening to: Little Birdy: Brother


Some Chilean Woman said...

Something about your asshole and the Japanese flag comes to mind...don't know if you really want me to play this game.

Hillary said...

The one I remember most is the one about sex. Then the one about your bride to be. After that they all become a blur :) I actually wouldn't have read the one about sex because that was posted before I followed you, but your bride to be suggested it. So you can blame her for that one.

just a girl said...

Now that I have the internet for the moment...

I remember 'It is On Repeat' and Alphabet Music (though I don't think it was called that) and I too remember your saucy post...

Congrats my friend and I wish you guys all happiness.

(my word verification is drooler...)