Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A Crazy Few Days

A year ago marriage couldn't have been further from my mind. Then I met a girl that broke through my defences and all that changed.

Just 4 weeks we were making plans for getting married in September/October of next year. And then we brought forward those plans. On a crazy, limited, budget we decided to marry on the 29th of May this year and then repeat our vows in the manner that we had been originally planning, later on.

It was going to be so easy. A small simple ceremony in a courthouse with a couple of witnesses, a few photographs taken and a nice meal at the end of the day with some friends and family. Not hard at all until you realise on the day before that the booking you thought you had for the courthouse hasn't been placed and you have to find an alternative at the same time as when you have an 8 hour drive between 2 States to do. That was all stressful enough but then we had difficulties getting a restaurant to take a booking for 23 seats. You would think a business would be happy to cater to a booking of that level but not in Utah apparently.

Thankfully it was all resolved in no small part to the energies and generosity of my new wife's Sister and Mother - who made what was supposed to be a small simple ceremony a beautiful day indeed.

Anyway here are some photographs of the day

The Bride getting ready - or is that an instrument of torture?
The beautiful BrideImportant conversation about flower duties
Rest time before ring carryingGetting photographed is boring when there is a pond to be explored

Despite the worry and the stress of the day before, everything turned out well, far better than we had planned. A beautiful Chilean woman made a Scotsman a very happy man. Of course we have to repeat it all some time in the future - this time we are going to be better organised!

Listening to "Worried Man" Paolo Nutini


just a girl said...


Congrats to you both/all.

Ms Smack said...

Oh you are a lucky lucky man.

Congratulations to you both.