Saturday, 6 October 2007

A post for the Idiots (theres a lot of them about you know)

You dropped out of school because you’re smarter than everybody

I have 8 words for you “I’ll have a diet coke with that, thanks”

You ignore all the warnings, you light up a cigarette

Someday you’ll talk with a machine through your throat

Complain the sticks are killing you,

Like the packets from where they came didn’t tell you

You moan about the price of petrol and war in Iraq

But you gave Blair not just five but ten years

He didn’t even need to tell you jack, a smile was all it took

You wake up one day and you don’t have the skills

To get a better job so you’re stuck on the grill

You’re wondering why Pavel took your job

But you forget to see you are a lazy assed numpty

And you’re asking yourself 'how could this happen to me?'

Maybe because he works harder than you and he’s got a degree?

In a couple of months he’ll be speaking better English than you too

There’s no need to worry though, not when you can rely on welfare

You know that thing that entices Johnny Foreigner to come here

And I thought they came here to better themselves

Speaking of idiots, why are so many people surprised at the continuing decline of Britney Spears. This is the woman who married Kevin Fedex (or whatever his name is), hardly a ringing endorsement of her sense of judgement was it? Who knew Hit me Baby One More Time had a premonitory message within it…

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Just a Girl said...

Feeling a little sick of the idiots right now?

I don't blame you.