Wednesday, 24 October 2007

No Time To Write...

...a proper post. Lately I've had my best blogging ideas whilst nowhere near a computer and by the time I get home I either can't be bothered or just plain forget.

So instead of writing a post pf my own I have a question for you, yeah YOU, and I want you to answer truthfully and don't think I won't come running after you if you read without answering - you don't know me well enough to know that I'm not crazy enough to do it.

Here's your question, well strictly speaking its two, but they are related.....

What's the one thing you've always wanted to do during your lifetime? And when are you going to do it?


Just a Girl said...

I keep waiting and waiting for you to hunt me down. Now I just think you are all talk...

What have I always wanted to do?

1) Go to Iceland
2) Something that I won't say (and leave it up to your imagination *wink*)


1) When I see a cheap flight or have the cash in hand or have someone to go with. Pennies are being put away. Just pennies though.
2) Hoping for sooner rather than later :D

Misssy M said...

Gosh this is difficult. I tend to make a point of doing the things I want. However, I really want to take my kids to live abroad for a while. My dad took us to Brazil for a year in the eighties and I'll never forget it. It made us closer as a family and we still talk about it.

As to when...mmm it's difficult. My dad is a petroleum engineer, so opportunities are there for travel. Meeester and I would maybe need to teach abroad. We have thought about it. We'll just have to see what turns up.